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Mounting S3 bucket as a file system on Linux (Ubuntu)

In order to mount S3 bucket on Linux you need to install ssh file system (FUSE) libraries first.
Install: aptitude install build-essential libcurl4-openssl-dev libxml2-dev libfuse-dev comerr-dev libfuse2 libidn11-dev libkadm55 libkrb5-dev libldap2-dev libselinux1-dev libsepol1-dev pkg-config fuse-utils sshfs Follow the instantiations in S3fs WIKI: It was using http download, not SVN. Create a mount point for the new file system (ex. mkdir /mnt/s3) Mount the file system: ex.: s3fs tmpname -o use_cache=/tmp -o allow_other /mnt/s3 this mount comes with option of using a tmp as a cache for S3 content, you can clean that cache as you feel fit.

You can also add your bucket to /etc/fstab

s3fs#mybucket /mnt/s3 fuse allow_other,url= 0 0

Update for mounting S3 bucket on CentOS 5.5 and other old distros.
CentOS 5.5 comes with old FUSE version 2.7.4 as latest in it`s repository.
You need to manually compile version 2.8.4 be…