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How to Install Terraform 0.12 on Ubuntu 18.04

To this day (8/8/2019) Terraform is not packaged in an official apt repository. There is an option to install it with Snap but be careful it will probably be an older version. When i checked it was v0.11.11 If you do want to install it with snap, run: $   snap install terraform To install the latest version follow this procedure. You might want to update your system just in case: $  sudo apt-get update Now since you are getting a Terraform binary from official Hashicorp site, you will need both wget and unzip packages unless already installed: $  sudo apt-get install wget unzip Last step would be to download an unzip Terraform package ( you can find latest here ). $  wget $  sudo unzip ./ -d /usr/local/bin/ check that it is installed: $ terraform -v you are all done. Provided by: Forthscale systems, cloud experts