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ProfitBricks Has Released a New Data Center Management Tool

ProfitBricks, our partner, has released DCD R2 - unique and cloud computing industry-leading data center management tool. Over the years ProfitBricks' teams have continued to push the envelope in performance, keeping the lowest prices in the indusrty. They wanted to create a better public cloud platform because the future of cloud needed it. As a result ProfitBricks has enhanced the user experience to provide the most effortless cloud computing design and management tool the industry have ever seen. What's New with the Data Center Designer R2? DCD R2, a complete rewrite of game-changing visual infrastructure management tool, enables even easier design and management of data centers in the cloud. It is included with every account so you are able to test it out. A new visual drag-and-drop interface lets businesses completely re-imagine the data center. DCD R2 is very intuitive as a data center management tool so even non-technical employees will be able to us

How to select cloud provider.

So we choose the cloud provider for the project. What I would recommend and for whom: 1. For a project that starts from scratch with a single server. Where the project will be some time in development, and the load will increase gradually. I recommend  Digital Ocean.  30 GB SSD drive and 1GB RAM is cheap, fast and enough to deploy the project. Very simple and intuitive interface make it easy to go to the schema with an service per instance when load increases. Simple clone the original droplet and leave just one or part service on new droplet. The main advantages in this case lowest price and easy of deployment. 2. If you plan to transfer to the cloud the complex, high loaded project from multiple servers, you should pay attention to  Amazon. Greater flexibility, a large selection of OS images. Allow easier and faster to transfer existing services. A wide range of additional services to reduce the cost and simplify the operation of the project as compared to the &