Tuesday, February 23, 2016

10 cool tools every DevOps team needs

Everyone needs tools that will help to increase productivity. DevOps engineers need such instruments too. In this article you will find some awesome and useful tools that you will definitely love.

1. Logstash

This tool allows teams to analyze log file information. Logstash helps to improve your product by gleaning performance and behavioral metrics.

2. ITinvolve

Productive collaboration is extremely important for every DevOps team. This tool gives you an opportunity to share tools, workspaces, diagrams and other visual information and documentation. ITinvolve is designed for IT. So every team member get at-a-glance understanding of how can something affect existing process or system.

3. Docker

There even is a verb “Dockerize”. This verb is used by DevOps teams who work with this containerization tool. Docker easies the process of pushing the code from development to production without any unavoidable hiccups. It provides standardizations that will make Ops guys happy and flexibility that allows to use almost any language or tool.

4. Heili

It is a real lifechanger for DevOps. Heili is an Artificial Intelligence driven self-learning tool that will go the management work for you. It will learn your operations, increase reliability and cut performance degradation or downtime incidents duration.

5. Jenkins

This tool will help you to build and test your software continuously. Also, it monitors externally-run jobs that allows you to see when something is going wrong.

6. Apache ActiveMQ

Apache ActiveMQ is an open source messaging and Integration Patterns server. DevOps engineers prefer ActiveMQ because it is really fast. Also, it supports several cross language clients and protocols.

7. Squid

Squid will optimize web delivery by reducing bandwidth and improving response times by caching and reusing frequently-requested web page. It is supported on most available operating systems.

8. Snort

This is a good solution for DevOps engineers who are looking for a security tool that will provide real-time traffic analysis and packet logging. Snort is able to detect variety of attacks and probes.

9. Ansible

It is a configuration management tool that will significantly improve your productivity. Ansible is an all-in-one instrument: app deployment, configuration, management and orchestration.

10. Code Climate

This tool will monitor the health of your code from your command line to the cloud,
so you can fix issues sooner and ship better code, faster.

Which tools do you use?

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