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kubeflow Istio configuration for trustworthy JWTs on rancher 2.x

Introduction:For some reason some of the default feature gates are not turned on in rancher.  So deploying Kubeflow or any workload that uses Istio version 1.3.1 with SDS enabled you need to enable TokenRequest and TokenRequestProjection.
Issue symptoms:istio-pilot and everything dependent will fail to start in Kubeflow deployment.pod events / log similar to "MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "istio-token" : failed to fetch token: the API server does not have TokenRequest endpoints enabled" How to prepare Rancher for Istio 1.3 and up (tested on 2.x)Option 1, use server configuration file (yaml edit)Login to your Rancher2.0 UISelect relevant clusterClick on options and editOn cluster options choose "Cluster Options" and edit ad YAMLgo to: "kube-api:"
and add :
       service-account-issuer: "kubernetes.default.svc"
       service-account-signing-key-file: "/etc/kubernetes/ssl/kube-service-account-token-key.pem"Save the …