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Creating a RAID device on Amazon AWS Elastic

Following procedure is for creating a software (OS managed) RAID disk devices.
EBS (Amazon web services elastic block storage) does not provide any RAID abilities by itself.
But you can use Linux SW raid option to increase either speed or device redundancy.
This tutorial will show you how.
First install RAID management tool on target EC2 instances
For Debian based (Debian, Ubuntu) execute: 
apt-get install mdadm
For Red Hat based (RHEL, Oracle linux, CentOS) execute:
yum install mdadm
For Gentoo execute:
emerge mdadm

Now prepare the EBS devices. Create desired EBS volume
Attach new EBS volumes to EC2 instance and write down the device name (for example xvdf and xvdg)

Now you can create the RAID device from them.
Set up RAID 0 on this EBS instance with the following command:
mdadm --create --verbose --auto=yes /dev/md0 --chunk=256 --level=0 --raid-devices=2 /dev/xvdf /dev/xvdg
   blockdev --setra 65536 /dev/md0

Now verify that the raid device /dev/md0 exists
cat /proc/mdstat

Next step is to add …