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Force ssl in nginx with redirect

Just edit your site configuration file make sure you have a site setup for HTTPS - SSL (port 443) edit the portion for HTTP: server {     listen      80;     server_name server.yourdomain.tld;     rewrite     ^   https://$server_name$request_uri? permanent; } save and restart nginx Provided by: ForthScale systems, scalable infrastructure experts

Adding ( passing) linux system variable to Tomcat.

Sometimes you need to pass system variables to applications running in tomcat  environment . those could b for example configuration files. Trying to pass them to start-up script as variables such as  export TOMCAT_OPTS=-Your.var=foo will set it in the system shell and will not pass it to the tomcat on it`s start since it runs as a different user. Java`s System.getEnv("Your.var") Will return: NULL value. You need to edit relevant tomcat.conf (tomcat6.conf for example in /etc) and add: export Your.var=foo to the end of file You can check that variable s set with  System.getEnv("Your.var") in you java code. Provided by: ForthScale systems, scalable infrastructure experts