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Backup to AWS S3 with duply on Ubuntu

1. Install duply and dependences (as root). sudo apt-get install duplicity duply python-boto 2. Create backup profile (as root).   sudo duply bck_profile create 3. Edit profile /root/.duply/bck_profile/conf like as: GPG_PW='___YOUR GENERATED PASSWORD____' TARGET='s3://' TARGET_USER='AWS_KEY_ID' TARGET_PASS='AWS_SECRET_KEY' SOURCE='/' MAX_AGE=6M #MAX_FULL_BACKUPS=1 #VERBOSITY=5 TEMP_DIR=/content #DUPL_PARAMS="$DUPL_PARAMS --time-separator _ " #DUPL_PARAMS="$DUPL_PARAMS --short-filenames " MAX_FULLBKP_AGE=1W DUPL_PARAMS="$DUPL_PARAMS --full-if-older-than $MAX_FULLBKP_AGE " VOLSIZE=200 DUPL_PARAMS="$DUPL_PARAMS --volsize $VOLSIZE " 4. Edit /root/.duply/bck_profile/excludes to include the list of non wanted directories such as: - /dev - /home/*/.cache - /home/*/.ccache - /lost+found - /media - /mnt - /proc - /root/.