Monday, May 23, 2011

Upgrading PHP in CentOS 5

CentOS 5.x comes with PHP 5.1, this version is outdated and you probably would want to upgrade it. I used Atomic repository.
You can add it by running following command:
wget -q -O - | sh
Now you can update PHP:
yum update php
yum update php-mcrypt
(you might also need to update mysql)
Verify version of running PHP:
php -v
And that all modules working as order:
php -m
Restart Apache, you are all set.

Provided by:SiQ systems, Cloud experts


Anonymous said...

Thanks, helped a lot, this whole CentOS repo-management mechanism is new to me, I'm normally a Debian user, but my VPS provider doesn't ship it..

Devi.Angularjs said...
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