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bmc configuration manager ( marimba ) cli runchannel return codes

those are CLI return codes for marimba runchannel on UNIX.
The return codes are 0, for success, and -1 through -12, for failure, as described below.
0 - runchannel -help was requested (and provided). A channel was started and completed an operation successfully.
1 - In the tuner's installation directory, the properties.txt file was missing from the lib/tuner/ directory. There was an incorrect runchannel command-line argument. An exception occurred while trying to start the tuner. There were notifications related to channel exceptions, RPC Disconnects, or RPC timeouts.
2 - An unexpected exception was caught. An associated stack trace gives more details. If you see this code while publishing a signed channel, then make sure that the cert DN (certificate's distinguished name) is specified correctly.
3 - Command was canceled.
4 - I/O error. Log entries should give more details, but this error can mean that the command failed to get data channel properties (that is, a communication problem between the endpoint and transmitter exists). This error can also mean that the command failed to move internal directories in or out during a publish or install operation.
5 - Publish error. A publish or unpublish command failed in the publish process. The actual error is described in the logs.
6 - Cleanup error. Not currently used.
7 - Update error. An install or uninstall command failed in the installation process. The actual error is described in the logs.
8 - Concurrency error. This error can occur only when the application is used as a library. The same instance of a kernel was used to perform multiple publish or installation commands simultaneously.
9 - Exec error. An error occurred while trying to execute a pre- or post- installation command.
10 - Unsigned error. Not currently used. Attempting to install a channel that is not properly signed returns a -3 (canceled) code, but a log entry indicating that the channel was not signed correctly also exists.
11 - Unknown error. This error should not be returned. If this error is returned, the logs contain entries indicating the problem.
12 - No-such-channel error. An error occurred while getting the data channel list from a transmitter. When installing, the data channel is what the application publishes to the transmitter during a publish command.

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